The Batman: Darkest and One of the Finest

Acclaimed British Actor Robert Pattinson dons the cape for the first time in The Batman. It is a treat for comic book fans and audiences across multiple genres. Some liberal critics call this Neo-Western Detective Horror Superhero film too dark and depressing for the current climate, whereas some conservatives call it woke. However, this Dark Knight adaptation directed by Matt Reeves (Planet of the Apes Trilogy) is one of the best superhero films of all time.

Superhero movies have become successful in modern times not just because of the evolution of special effects technology but because they can blend in perfectly with other genres; Blade (Horror), The Dark Knight (Neo-noir), Men of Steel (Science Fiction), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Political Thriller) to name a few. Batman takes it to the next level by blending multiple genres, giving us the darkest superhero movie yet; surpassing The Dark Knight and Joker. The background score by Michael Giacchino and the screenplay are the striking features of this movie.

Visual Effects and Cinematography

The best CGI effect is the one that audiences can not notice, and that is the case with The Batman. Gotham looks much more alive than ever, taking inspiration from real-life cities like Chicago, New York, and Tokyo. Ordinary earning people are suffering from crime and corruption. The Caped Crusader is hunting criminals like an apex predator. The cinematography and visual effects help the audience be part of the World Greatest Detective’s journey.

Action and Stunt Work

In his 30s, Bruce Wayne is a master martial artist and a gifted athlete. But he is driven by vengeance. The brutal fight scenes reflect Bruce’s anger and desperation. He beats criminals up, gets beaten up, gets injured, adapts, and overcomes. The stunt work and fight choreography are as brutal and honest as it gets.

Performances and Social Commentary

Paul Dano breathes fire into the sequences as menacing villain Riddler, a sadistic serial killer who wants to umask the corruption done by the rich, rebelling against capitalism. Robert Pattinson lets his emotions and facial expressions talk, portraying a damaged man but privileged with wealth trying to fight crime with everything he has. In this movie, the audience realizes that being Batman is a curse.

Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman symbolizes femininity, John Turturro plays a crimelord to perfection, and Colin Farrell’s Penguin is colorful yet brutal. Jeffery Wright and Andy Serkis shine as Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth, helping Batman solve the crime and central to the movie.

The Batman is the most comic book accurate adaption of Caped Crusader, something fans have been waiting to see for a long time. It showcases Bruce Wayne’s inner struggles, fighting skills, Batman’s detective skills, Gotham’s corruption, socioeconomic political atmosphere, strong supporting characters, and villains who see themselves as activists using violence for change. It will not be surprising if The Batman receives Oscar’s nominations, especially for Dano and Giacchino.



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Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali

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