Human Research Vs. ChatGPT Recommendations: Crafting A Christmas Movie Marathon

Yusuf Ali
3 min readDec 22, 2023

My Research Findings Against Artificial Intelligence's Response


A Christmas movie marathon is a traditional way of celebrating the holiday season. It involves gathering with loved ones to watch a series of holiday-themed movies in succession. This is a popular way to get into the festive spirit, spend quality time with family and friends, and enjoy the magic of Christmas storytelling. A Christmas movie marathon typically includes classic films, family favorites, and newer releases with a holiday theme.

I typically watch one or two Christmas movies yearly, but decided to have a Christmas movie marathon this year. But also, as a movie enthusiast, I wanted to experiment. In a year when Artificial Intelligence was used for almost everything and ChatGPT became very popular, I thought it would be interesting to ask ChatGPT for recommendations for my Christmas movie marathon and compare them to the movies I had picked out through my research on the web.

My Picks For Movie Marathon

I decided to pick ten movies for the marathon because I assumed the average runtime of a film to be around 2 hours. This means that the total watch time for the marathon will be about 20 hours. However, a movie marathon should have more than 20 hours of watch time to make it more enjoyable.

Rules of Crafting the Marathon

  1. 5 Live-action movies and 5 Animated Movies
  2. You must read at least two articles that list the best Christmas movies.
  3. Search on Google
  4. Search on major streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Starz, Hulu, Max, etc)
  5. Search on IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Here are my picks:


ChatGPT's Response

In this day and age, ChatGPT can be the most helpful tool on your hands. Whether performing a task, looking for recommendations, or getting answers to a question, you can get it all from ChatGPT. According to Scribbr, the AI model has been trained on vast text sources like books, scientific journals, news articles, and Wikipedia. However, the information you will get from ChatGPT will not always be trustworthy and may give you incorrect or misleading answers.

After crafting my picks, I asked ChatGPT about the Christmas movie marathon, and it gave me a list of 10 movies that ChatGPT claimed are often included in it.


To my surprise, four movies match both of the lists. Also, ChatGPT recommended just picking from the various adaptations of A Christmas Carol. I decided on Disney's adaptation of A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey in my picks coincidentally. Technically, my picks match ChapGPT's picks by 50%.

After combining all the movies, I had 15 films for my marathon. I watched all the movies, and it was one of the best things I have done in recent years. The films that ChatGPT suggested in just a matter of seconds were tremendous and captured Christmas's true spirit. It took me an hour to craft my picks, which were also good. But ChatGPT gave me picks in seconds, and when it comes to movie recommendations, it is safe to take them.

As humans, we can be indecisive at times. We tend to doubt our choices even when we want to watch a movie. However, after relying on my movie picks and seeking recommendations from ChapGPT, I watched some great films during the holidays and unwindedly. I will be asking ChatGPT for more movie recommendations in the future.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that can make lives more accessible and more efficient. That's what every technology is intended to do. It is our responsibility to not abuse it.



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