Antony Starr | One of the Most Underrated Actors in Modern Era

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Starting with guest roles in hugely popular shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in the 90s, this New Zealand actor has become a household name in the modern era.

In entertainment, box office numbers and magazine covers play a significant role in recognizing an artist, which this artist lacks. However, this actor does his job to perfection, acting, resulting in love and support from around the globe through social media.

From rising to fame by playing a badass protagonist in Banshee to gathering acclaim for playing a sociopathic antagonist in The Boys, this actor can display huge ranges of emotions on screen without saying many words.

As Lucas Hood in Banshee

Banshee follows the life of Town Sheriff Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) with a mysterious past. This show became hugely popular with fans and critics for its storytelling, visuals effects, action, and most importantly, Starr’s presence. In the 2010s, cop action drama had become dull and outdated, with the audience wanting to consume something refreshing on television. But Starr holds his ground, portraying an anti-hero cop who must be a beacon of hope for a melting pot city while having questionable and selfish deeds. Starr lets his facial expressions and his eyes express his feelings, and his actions represent his deeds.

On his first significant leading man role in North American television after decades of hard work, Starr shines like the superstar he is.

As Homelander in The Boys

Fans thought Lucas Hood in Banshee was the role of a lifetime for Starr. However, the versatile actor showcased his artistic enrichment when he co-starred with Karl Urban in the superhero series The Boys. Portraying Homelander gave Anthony Starr greater stardom.

Homelander is a powerful superhero regarded as a role model globally, but allegorically he is the ultimate symbol of American Chaotic Evil. He is a powerful being causing more damage in the name of heroism. Starr is the perfect actor to play this role. He brings his brawny charisma to the screen, building intense tension on screen. The audience is scared because he can snap at any moment and massacre an entire city.

Playing two critically acclaimed yet completely different leading roles in two major successful shows in recent times already makes this actor a force to be reckoned with. But he does not get enough credit and recognition. He is one of few actors whose work is enough to teach lessons to aspiring actors.



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